Hello, Thank you for coming to my page. A page where you will find many different avenues of many different fields of assorted professions from one uniquely talented young man by the name of Mr. DeJuan LeBray. 



DeJuan LeBray C.E.O. Of Billionaire Records You know I would say that it all started back when I was a small spec inside my mothers tummy where I’m guessing that I was hearing music waves flow through my mothers ears and finally to me. Presenting the life of music building the muscles in my heart and then molding my body. I think that I was made of music cells. As time progressed and the months of living through her were almost to and end, when my birth arrived I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t come out dancing. I think for sure that music was ready to be born with me. Shortly after about 10 or 13 years had passed an I decided that I wanted to begin to inch into the music life. I honestly believed that I was born for this because music to me is the best thing that ever happened to me right after God and then my children whom I love so much. I mean, have you ever written or performed a song so touching until you can feel it all in your soul? When a person feel like that, whenever the word music is mentioned I just get excited. I am on a struggle to the top of that ladder of success but I had to realize that if you really want something in life then you have to go and get it for yourself because there’s nobody that can go and get it for you. You should never have any doubt and continue to press you’re your way regardless of your situation whether its up or down. I believe that every man or woman has the opportunity to become who or whatever they want to be only if they apply theirselves to what they want. My life has been rough and hard on this road to success, but I want no pity because as long as god almighty is with me then there is no task too great for me to accomplish. When I was around the age of 12 or 13 years old, I began to find a path or better yet my place in the history of music. I was on that great journey to find not just music but the unique music in me. To me everybody life is like music somewhat because everyone life is either good or bad at times. One day you’re up and the next day you’re down, so I said that to say this: For all the underground artist and producers that are really trying to make it, just give it your best and sometimes even then your best isn’t good enough, but you can’t just give up on your dream. So if you’re serious about pursuing a music career get out there and sell yourself to any and every place that you can. And for all the artists that are in my region please feel free to contact me so that we may collaborate with as many as possible because to me mobility is the key along with word of mouth. You know? I believe that a person should do whatever it takes to accomplish their goal as long as it’s legal, you know? DeJuan LeBray born on the 18th of May, in Shreveport La. is a Singer-Songwriter that learned the transforming power of music early in life. DeJuan LeBray expresses an unshakable and much-needed faith in the ways that love and life can lead us to our best selves. "I do not separate my music from my heart nor do I separate my ideas from my daily life. I open my self up to learning as much as I can about humanity and this mysterious life experience" In the past few years, DeJuan LeBray has been busy re-releasing much of his early material. He continues to write and sing with grace and humor, and his integrity earns him the reputation as one of the most articulate artists working today, with a power and maturity that may only come from experience of love and fear, despair, and inspiration. This summer in August 12 2019, DeJuan LeBray will be debuting his Solo Album. Collectively, LeBray put his unique musical stamp of mixed classic R&B grooves with modern hip-hop sounds on the records. An album thousands of fans are so desperately awaiting its release.