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Greetings, thank you for choosing LeBray Photography And Filmworks for all your
photography needs, we look forward to serving you!

LeBray Photography And Filmworks was created from the passion and love that Mr.
LeBray has for humanity and the many lessons that he has learned in life. Mr.
LeBray is a native of Mansfield, Louisiana where his passion for photography first
began, amongst his many other passions. Mr. LeBray expresses an unshakable and
much-needed faith in the ways that love and life can lead us to become the best
version of ourselves. Mr. LeBray believes that, " A person should do whatever it
takes to accomplish their goal no matter how many times that you fail before you
succeed. " So, with that being said, this extraordinary photographer is undoubtedly
an inspiration to others, which has definitely won the hearts and minds of the
Houston, Texas community and its surrounding areas. Within the 20 plus years that
LeBray Photography And Filmworks has been in existence, Mr. LeBray's passion as a
photographer can be clearly seen within the vivid memories that he creates for each
customer and an unforgettable experience throughout every session. Once again,
thank you for choosing LeBray Photography And Filmworks where we are dedicated
to serving our customers and we guarantee that you will we supersede your
expectations with prices that have you in mind.

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Mr. LeBray is the C.E.O. of LeBray Photography And Filmworks and he is definitely a
rising star among the who’s who in the Houston area. When Mr. LeBray founded
LeBray Photography And Filmworks it was his vision to build an empire that would
serve as a catalyst for his community. So, over the past 20 years, Mr. LeBray has
built a reputation for himself as a visionary and a create eye in his ability to capture
vivid memories for his clients. Everyone that he has worked with in his career has
considered him to be a guru and a pure genius behind the lens of his camera. Mr.

LeBray has accomplished so many things throughout his career: such as, working
with numerous of well-known talents from modeling to the runway, and a host of
other feats that have truly been a humbling experience and the pinnacle of his
career. LeBray Photography And Filmworks is everything that Mr. LeBray had
imagined and more and it is our hope that you will allow us to create vivid
memories for your family.